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Stanton Place East Condominium Assc.
 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Can we have pets? What are the restrictions?
    Pets are allowed at Stanton Place East. No pet can exceed 26" in height and owners can have a maximum of 2 cats/dogs (so 1 of each or 2 dogs or 2 cats). Owners must keep pets licensed, clean up after them in the common areas and keep liability insurance on their pets.

  • Can we lease out our units?
    Yes, with restrictions. Leases cannot be shorter than 90 days in length and must be in writing signed by both parties. The owner must provide the Association with the name and contact information of the tenant as well as the term of the lease. Tenants are to abide by all the same rules as owners.

  • How can I be more involved?
    First and foremost, it is important for all owners to attend the annual meetings. That is the best place to be heard on new and outstanding matters. Also, you could contact the Association and put your name in to be a member of the Board which gets voted on every year at the annual meeting.

  • What do the condominium dues include?
    The dues include property insurance, well maintenance, sewer expense, trash removal, property management and heat. A budget is presented annually for all the owners to review and vote on at the annual meeting.

The information presented on this page is for owners only.  Although tenants need to abide by all the same rules as the owners, tenants also may have more rules imposed by their respective landlords and should refer to their leases for information on pet restrictions, etc...
Stanton Place East Condos
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